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Open Netlabs BV is a wholly owned, taxable subsidiary of the NLnet Labs Foundation, serving the non-profit public benefit goals of its parent and is guided and managed according the charter of the NLnet Labs Foundation. Our portfolio is based on the knowledge and experience of Labs and will be offered to existing and new partners. Providing SLA's will be a solid way in funding, assuming the yearly renewal of the contracts. This customer base wil be the basis for long term funding, enabling NLnet Labs to sustain its research and development work and community support.
NSD and / or Unbound support is available based upon the specs as published on

Other solution providers

Kirei AB, founded in 2005 by Jakob Schlyter and Fredrik Ljunggren, is a consultancy company with its main focus on information security management and network architectures. The Kirei founders have been working with DNS and DNS Security within the IETF community since 1999 and have played an active role in the DNSSEC standardization process as well in the deployment of DNSSEC in several top level domains.
Kirei offers support and system integration services for Unbound. Please contact us for further details.

Men & Mice is an Icelandic networking solutions company with operations in the US and Europe. Our research-based solutions include regular DNS training classes world-wide, DNS related consulting projects and innovative DNS and IP address management software solutions. Men & Mice has been helping thousands of companies, including a quarter of F1000, to more effectively manage their DNS and IP infrastructure for over 10 years.

Founded in 1990, Men & Mice has been heavily involved with research and development in the field of DNS (Domain Name System). The Men & Mice management team consists of the world's leading experts in the field of DNS and related network management.

Men & Mice offers free support for unbound and DNS related request through online resources (, Knowledgebase and User Community Forums) as well as paid support from on-demand telephone and remote support incidents as well as yearly support contracts (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) with defined response times.

Please visit our Support Website for the unbound software at

Xelerance offers a Unbound based appliance: DNSX Secure Resolver is a DNSSEC caching and resolving nameserver with full support for DNSSEC Lookaside Verification. It features the latest in hardening and security measures for DNS and provides an intuitive web management interface, making configuration and key management easy.
Xelerance provides first-line support on its appliance.
TCPWave's provides a virtual appliance based on Unbound DNS, along with Quagga routing suite bundled with customized Quagga and SNMP enhancements. TCPWave provides vendor support in designing,implementing and maintaining cache DNS servers based on Unbound and specializes in DNSSEC. TCPWave works with all flavors of Linux and Solaris.
TCPWave offers subscription services including technical support, security alerts and maintenance on certified platforms. They assist in porting various infrastructure based applications to the modern virtualization and cloud infrastructures and have different types of support contracts which can suit your firm's requirements.
DNSBOX200 combines proven DNS management software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format to simplify administration, give you more control over your workload, and protect your network from attack.

Powered by Unbound, BIND and ISC DHCP Server, it can combine the roles of recursive resolver, authoritative slave and DHCP server to give you a flexible, fit-for-purpose device. To keep things as simple as possible an adaptive web interface hides features you don't need.

Combining DNSBOX200 with DNSBOX400 master appliances gives you the power and flexibility to address a range of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) requirements.

NLnet Labs' Unbound Support

NLnet Labs intends to provide sufficient confidence in Unbound so that the product is a viable alternative in corporate environments. That means the code is actively maintained by NLnet Labs and NLnet Labs is committed to the maintenance of Unbound to such extent that it will publicly announce that it will cease the maintenance of Unbound at least 2 years in advance. Besides, the source code is made available under BSD license.

While NLnet Labs is committed to fix security issues, fix implementation bugs, fix general software bugs, and last but not least, carefully assess feature requests, it cannot commit to the kind of support SLA that is often required in enterprises or in ISPs. The organizations listed on these page can offer that type of support.

Although NLnet Labs and most of the mentioned support organizations have collegial and direct relations, the responsibility for the quality of the support lies with the support organization itself.

Other parties that are offering Unbound support should contact us at